Tango Synergy

  • Events
    The Art of Cadencia

    Tango vs Flamenco, a fusion of spirit, style and passion 20 September 2015

  • Travel
    Tango in Regional NSW

    If you are looking for info about tango outside of Sydney metro, check out ArgentineTango.com.au.

  • Learning Tango
    Tango Blogs

    Tango is danced everywhere and there are no shortage of artists and writers in the world tango community. Here’s a list of some tango blogs.

  • Travel
    Tango in Australia

    Tango is an activity that is available in all capital cities in Australia. Check out the list of organisational websites form around Australia that are dedicated to tango.

  • Travel
    Tango In Sydney

    Sydney’s tango scene is growing! Find out where to go for lessons and social dancing.

  • Visitors
    Cecilia Gonzalez & Facundo Gil Jauregui

    Cecilia Gonzalez returns to Australia in June 2015 along tango partner with Facundo Gil Jauregui for a new...

  • Learning Tango
    Dance Tango: Getting Started

    Learn How To Dance Tango. For beginners: What to expect.