Learning Tango

Dance Tango: Getting Started

Dance Tango: Getting Started

Learn How To Dance Tango.

For beginners: What to expect.


Step 1: Go to a class

The first step to learning a new dance is to go to some lessons. There are XX number of tango schools in the greater Sydney area. Find a teacher near your work or home to get started on learning to dance. Beginners typically start by attending an introductory series of weekly lessons.

<links to a list of sydney tango teachers/schools>

Step 2: See tango in action

Tango in Sydney is supported by events happening every night of the week where you can go and dance. These events are called “MILONGAS”

<link to tango calendar>

– What to expect at milongas.

<what to expect when you are learning to dance – MEN>

<what to expect when you learning to dance – WOMEN>

<what to wear/ how to present>

Beginners Guide to Tango Shoes and Clothing.

<link to womens guide> <link to mens guide>

Basic tango etiquette, for absolute beginners!

Tango videos on the web -> link to some example videos of milongas, practicas, lessons.

Learning Tango

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