About Tango Synergy

Tango Synergy is a members’ association for tango dancers, based in Sydney, NSW.

The Association hosts tango events including milongas, practicas and workshops with a focus on building a stronger tango community in Sydney.

Synergy is always looking to promote the practice and enjoyment of the Argentine tango dance and tango music.

Who is Tango Synergy?

Tango Synergy has a committee of 6 members who are all volunteers and not teachers.

The current committee (FY2022-23) consists of the following members:

  • President Frida Kotlyar
  • Vice President Karan Rowe
  • Treasurer Michael Rogers
  • Secretary David Wong
  • Ord. Member Michelle Malouf
  • Ord. Member Javier Lorenzelli
Tango Synergy Committee (2022-2023)

Why is Tango Synergy different from other tango schools/organisations?

Tango Synergy is not aligned with any particular individual school or style of tango and it is run by a committee of volunteer tango dancers. The DJs at our milongas are drawn from not just our members but from the broader Australian and International tango community. This helps to give our milongas a unique and diverse nature.

Background History of Tango Synergy

Tango Synergy was founded by a group of motivated dancers who wanted to provide free or affordable milonga venues in Sydney. Achieving this required insurance, and the best way to get insured was to become incorporated.

So, 14th February 2007, Valentine’s Day, Tango Synergy Incorporated came into being as a non-profit association. The aim is to provide a friendly, inviting environment and to grow, expand and promote Argentine Tango.

The choice of name comes from the basis that “Synergy” means:

  • Joint working, co-operation
  • Combined or correlated action of a group

The association now has links to other areas in Australia and Worldwide. Synergy has expanded from merely providing Wednesday night milongas in Sydney’s inner suburbs to hosting practicas and special events.
We currently run a regular Wednesday milonga at St. John’s Anglican Church, 120 Darlinghurst Road, Darlinghurst from 7:30PM to 10:30PM, and an annual event in the Southern Highlands.