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Tramsheds with DJ Tae Sunday 3 December

This Sunday 3rd of December, Synergy Practica starts at 6:30pm. The DJ for the Sunday practica session is Tango DJ Tae known for his rhythmic selections from the golden age of tango.

Time: 6:30pm – 9:30pm, Sunday
Venue: Harold Park Community Hall, Level 1 of Tramsheds
Address: 1 Dalgal Way, Forest Lodge NSW 2037
Address (Rear Entrance): Corner of Victoria Rd and Maxwell Rd, Glebe NSW 2037
Nearest Light Rail Station: Jubilee Park
Price: $10 / $5 members.

What is a tango practica?

As the name suggests, practicas are where dancers practise tango dancing, with accompanying music.

Tango milongas are a formal social event where dancers select various partners to dance. The etiquette of milongas make it impractical or impolite to converse and instruct student dancers. It is also considered impolite to stop mid-tanda. Milonga etiquette requires that the dancers keep in formation in lanes of a ronda moving anti-clockwise around the centre of the hall.

Compared to milongas, practicas are a casual event for dancers of various levels to discuss and dance. The ronda is not expected to be maintained and it is acceptable to stop and start during a song.

To summarise, a practica is:

  • An informal space to practise tango
  • a practise environment with tango music provided
  • a more relaxed atmosphere compared to milongas
  • a space that encourages the study of tango

Video clip of a Tango Synergy practica at Tramsheds, in Sydney NSW by Tae.