Learning Tango Synergy Events

Fiesta de Tango 2018

Fiesta de Tango , our big annual day-time milonga was held on Sunday 28th October in Glebe Town Hall. Our local teachers were warmly invited to attend the annual free event, those who could make it did. The theme was Halloween and it was a great day of fun and everyone made a creative effort to get into the Halloween spirit. The food was delicious and wine was a plenty. Many photos were taken of the wonderful costumes, wigs, hats and one transvestite fetish nun even dared to wear red fishnets.  Yes it was my kind of party and I hope to see a theme party for Fiesta de Tango next year! 

Many volunteers helped to make La Fiesta come together and I want to name them and offer our appreciation for their time. The volunteers for Fiesta de Tango, including committee were Frank Karen Toker, Karan Rowe, Jan, Jill, Jean, Herman, Mike Golding, Andrew, Alex and myself. Karan Rowe is especially appreciated as I asked her to take responsibility for bringing it all together as the project lead and she did a wonderful job!