Learning Tango Synergy Events

Fiesta de Tango 2019

On 17th November 2019 the third Fiesta de Tango was held in the beautiful Glebe Town Hall. Doors opened at 11.00 am and activities were enjoyed by the community until 6.30pm.

Teachers were invited to conduct free “ Intro to Tango “ classes which were widely advertised resulting in a successful turnout. The aim was to reach out to the wider community to attract people who had always wondered about the Argentine Tango but had not taken that first step to attend a class. Classes were conducted by Peter and Lisa (Club de Tango) Sophia and Paul (So Tango) Mauricio (Tango with Mauricio) Pedro ( Patio de Tango) Carlos and Amanda (Costes Tango) 

Upstairs in the dance hall a free all day Milonga was held with our excellent DJ’s Marina Porokh,  Juan Quiroz + Alex Nodelman who, with their extensive collection of tango music kept people  happily on the floor .Barrio del Tango entertained us with some beautiful live tango music and LDA dance troupe wowed us with a Latin performance .

Graham Kite + Matt Sabbah took many great photos during the day + committee and member volunteers helped to maintain a smooth running of the event .It would not be possible to present an event such as this without volunteers. A big thank you to Jill Drilon, Sabrina Elias, Herman, Josei Hodalgo, Nakoa, Jan Carol, Jim Hanks, Cat Beatson and of course  Graham Kite + Ahmad Sabbah.

Member artists Michael Golding and Iris Toren displayed for sale + orders their extensive works and great talent.

The buffet was very popular and the Malbec went down very well.

Tango Synergy looks forward to the next opportunity to host Fiesta de Tango