About Tango Synergy

Tango Synergy was founded by a group of tango dancers who wanted to provide free or low-cost milonga venues in Sydney. It was incorporated as a non-profit association on 14th February 2007. Our aim is to grow, expand and promote Argentine Tango in Sydney and to provide a friendly, inviting environment for tango dancers.

We are not aligned with any individual tango school or tango dance style, and are run by a committee of volunteer tango dancers. Our DJs are also tango dancers and we welcome DJs from all over Australia and internationally to contribute to our events.

Tango Synergy hosts milongas, practicas, workshops and special events throughout the year. We have two regular weekly milongas (one of which is outdoors in the summer months), workshops throughout the winter months, a free annual festival, and every second year we organise the annual BASH festival at Bundanoon in the southern highlands, southwest of Sydney.


  • To raise awareness of and promote Argentine Tango within the community.
  • To bring together and develop the Argentine Tango community by encouraging and enabling current and future dancers and teachers to make connections, practice, improve and dance socially.
  • To promote diversity and growth in the Argentine Tango community.
  • To share knowledge, expertise and resources relating to Argentine Tango.

Committee Members

Frida Kotlyar – President
Karan Rowe – Vice President
Alison Goldsboro – Secretary
Michael Rogers – Treasurer
Owen Graham – Committee member
Samantha Stevens – Committee member
Garrick Ball – Committee member


Our Annual General Meeting is held in July and all members are welcome to attend. You can view the previous AGM minutes <here>.

Contact Us

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