Learning Tango

Tango Beginners

Tango Synergy is a non-profit association that is formed to promote the tango in Sydney, but often is the case we are asked where beginners can start their tango journey. Beginners are welcome to participate at our Wednesday milonga and Sunday practica, but to get the most out of tango, our recommendation is that beginners should start by trying a group class with well-regarded instructors.

For new tango dancers in Sydney, if you want to start dancing tango but don’t know where to begin, see the list below.

  • Beginners Argentine Tango Classes

    Beginners Argentine Tango Classes

    Sydney Tango Collective is a group of experienced tango dancers who are instructing introductory classes for tango beginners.

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  • Patio de Tango

    Patio de Tango

    Pedro Alvarez has been teaching tango in Sydney since 2001. Beginners class in Erskineville on Mondays.

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  • Uma Tango

    Uma Tango

    Uma Tango is a tango school in Sydney. Queer Tango classes in Newtown are on Tuesdays at the Newtown Neighbourhood Centre near St Peters Station.

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You can find more tango classes for Sydney using the resource: tangoevents.au.