Buenos Aires in the Southern Highlands (BASH)

Buenos Aires in the Southern Highlands ( BASH ) is held every year on the last full weekend of November .Bundanoon, a beautiful small town in the Southern Highlands of NSW opens up its doors to Tango dancers from around Australia ,NZ and often other parts of the world. It is fast becoming a favourite event on the Tango calendar. Recently Tango Synergy and Tango Social Club of Canberra have co-ordinated the event in alternate years.

Dancers come together to celebrate the love of tango and tango music in this beautiful relaxed setting. Old friends reunite and new friendships are formed.
Over the weekend Milongas are held during the day and in the evening and the floor is packed with eager dancers. Often times Canyengue and Chacarera classes are scheduled.

DJ’s are selected from Sydney, Canberra, Adelaide and NZ. In the past few years there has been a live band performing which is always a highlight of the evening. Favourites have been Tangalo from Sydney and Mendoza Quartet from Brisbane.

Saturday night is always an exceptional night of tango and the floor is packed. It is a chance to show off your latest and very best tango wear and vendors take the opportunity to display for sale their collections of shoes and dancewear.

During the weekend there is the opportunity to attend musicality and yoga classes, hike in the National park and wonder at the glow worm cave at its best after midnight These delightful options add to the weekend and are generously run by member volunteers.

Appetites are satisfied as dancers are treated to a wonderful buffet during the weekend supplied by Bronwyn, a local from Bundanoon. The buffet is accompanied by a selection of wines chosen in the past few years by Peter Schlesinger of Canberra.

Weary, but very happy tango dancers, begin to head back to their various states on Sunday afternoon looking forward to the next year when they can enjoy again a weekend of Tango in the beautiful small Southern Highlands town of Bundanoon.