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Tango Synergy Members Survey 2017

Hi everyone, last month, Tango Synergy issued a members’ survey via email. 10 questions were asked about what TS members thought about their tango experience over the past 12 months. A big thank you to everyone who responded to the survey. Read the summary below or view the PDF report of the Tango Synergy Members Survey 2017.


Overall, members who responded to the survey said:

  • Members were happy with the operation of Tango Synergy events for the past 12 months
  • Synergy’s performance had improved over the past 12 months.
  • Tango DJs and event organisation were recognised as being the most improved
  • Practica music continues to be a contentious and polarising issue.
  • Members are most reliant on Facebook and Email for their Synergy announcements.
  • Over a third of respondents indicate they are learning both Leader and Follower roles.
  • 2/25 respondents said they would be interested in joining a tango competition.
  • Two thirds of respondents dance more than twice a week, including a quarter of respondents who dance 4+ times a week.

Survey Responses

We would have loved more responses from the members, to get a fuller picture and to increase the sample size of the survey.

If there is interest, we may repeat this survey again, with more promotion of the survey in future.

Question 1. Are you happy with the following Tango Synergy events:

On average, respondents were Happy with Practica, Outdoor, Bar Cleveland, El Sotano.
On average, respondents were Neutral-Happy about TS annual milonga. Interestingly, the majority of respondents answered either Neutral or Very Happy. See the graph below.

Question 2 Trends: In the past 12 months, have you noticed any change to Tango Synergy events?

Most respondents answered Same or Better for all 5 event types. See the graph below.

Q3. Over the past 12 months, how is Tango Synergy performing in terms of:

Synergy seems to be improved in all areas, but also 3 people (12% of respondents) say that Announcements and Practica Music are worse.

In order of average scores improvements were observed :

  1. DJs,
  2. Event Organisation,
  3. Communication,
  4. Community Building,
  5. Practica music,
  6. Promoting Tango
  7. Catering,
  8. Announcements

Q4 Communication: Synergy announces its activities using various methods. Which modes do you rely on for your tango news?

In order of averaged scores, we are relying on these communication modes:

  1. Facebook
  2. Email Newsletter
  3. Announcements at Events
  4. Websites
  5. Other Sources…

Q5 If you could tell the Tango Synergy committee one thing, what would it be? (Alternatively, if you have an idea to share, please comment below)

  • The biggest (and most polarising!) issue is music. (6/25 responses) with divisions between respondents who want more Golden Age music and those interested in less Golden age music.
  • Hospitality is also an issue that we need to address for our events, especially for new dancers and visitors.
  • Thank you for the many encouraging messages that respondents offered in their answers =)

You can read all the responses in the PDF.

Q6 What is your level of experience? (You can select answers for both roles)

Interestingly, 9/25 respondents indicate that they are learning both roles, something which we should take into account.

Q7 If there was a Sydney tango competition in 2017/2018 would you:

… Compete in a tango competition or if you would attend as an audience member of a tango competition.

Two-thirds of respondents said NO to joining a tango competition.
One-third said MAYBE to joining a competition. (2 respondents said YES!!)

Q8 Do you enjoy performances by:

On average, respondents occasionally-usually enjoyed performances by Visiting Dancers,
respondents seldom-occasionally enjoyed performances so by Local Dancers and by Tango Bands.

Q9 In the past 12 months, which tango event offered the best:

This question requested an open ended text response. A bias in favour ofTango Synergy operated events is to be expected, but it’s interesting to learn what events that respondents considered their as local benchmark for 5 categories: Atmosphere, Hospitality, Music, Venue and Value.

By order of response frequency:

3) BASH, Synergy Bar Cleveland,
2) Synergy Outdoor, Port Mac, Synergy Practica,
1) Synergy El Sotano, Pedro’s, City Tatts, Pablitos, Synergy Annual, Alexandra/Bexley, ALBA

3) Synergy El Sotano
2) Synergy Annual Milonga, Synergy Bar Cleveland
1) STH, Jewel Lab, BASH, MLBE, Synergy Practica, TISP, La Catedral, Port Mac, Outdoor Milonga, Pablitos, Willoughby, ALBA

4) Synergy El Sotano
2) TISP, Pablitos
1) Tango Spirit, Jewel Lab, Synergy Bar Cleveland, Synergy Outdoor Milonga, Synergy Annual, Bexley, ALBA

5) Redfern Town Hall
3) Marrickville
2) La Catedral, Synergy Practica, Bar Cleveland, Port Mac
1) TISP Albert Hall, Darling Harbour, Pablitos, Willoughby, Alexandria, ALBA

Value for money:
8) Synergy Bar Cleveland
4) Synergy Practica
2) Synergy El Sotano
1) BASH, Pedros, Port Mac, Pablitos, Synergy Darling Harbour, ALBA

Q10 How often do you dance tango?

One-third of respondents dance once per week.
Two-third of respondents dance 2+ per week, including a quarter of respondents who dance 4+ times per week.