Nick Jones and Diana Cruz

Diana Cruz and Nick Jones are coming to town in September.

After their very successful visit in 2014 Nick and Diana are returning to our shores to present another series of workshops.

Hosted by Pablito (Paul Warren), supported by Jewel Lab and Tango Synergy.

Tango Synergy members are being offered a discount for the full package.

Nick and Diana will be here from 15th till 19th of September for 7 workshops and Sydney milongas.

If you missed out on the workshops last time make sure you take this opportunity to attend this 2016 series. Nick and Diana are inspiring teachers and a very approachable and fun couple.


$45 per workshops – no discounts

$300 per package of 7 workshops

Tango Synergy members:

$280 per package of 7 workshops.


Email to: with the following information: Name, Role, Partner (if any) and how many workshops plus the name of the desired workshops.

Nick & Diana #2