Synergy Events

Sebastian Pereyra and Angelo Serentas

We are very excited to have Sebastian Pereyra as guest teacher. Sebastian Pereyra is a very talented and well known teacher around Asia and Europe. He has studied tango since the age of 12. He studied with Marcelo Altamiranda, Osvaldo and Coca, and Jorge Garcia. He also studied classical piano at the Music Academy. During his career he has partnered with Mundial tango stage champions Natalia Tonelli (2013) and Agostina Tarchini (2017). He has also performed in the most famous tango shows in Buenos Aires, including Cafe Tortoni, Bar Sur and Puerto Madreo. He has taught and performed in many countries in Asia, Europe and Latin America, as well as in the USA. In 2013 he set up his own tango space El Garaje in Villa Urquiza and has also set up his own Art Centre and Theatre in Almagro, Buenos Aires. Sebastian is Manager of Orchestra Romantica Milonguera and in 2019 formed his own orchestra La Tango Select, for which he is the musical and artistic director.

Sebastian will be assisted by Angelo Canillo Serentas, who is known for his unique style and creativity of the dance as well as his musicality. He was recently placed first in the Senior Pista in the Malaysian Championship, and 5th in the Tango de Pista Adulto in the Asian Championship in Tokyo. Angelo has received training from well known teachers including Carlito Perez, Daniel Nacucchio, Maximiliano Cristiani, Alejandra Mantinan and Sebastian Pereyra.