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Essence and Evolution 2016

Essence and Evolution 2016

Interview by Mona

Rodrigo and Agustina are back! Don’t miss their workshops and the Welcome Milonga with DJ Sony, on 11th of March at Petersham Townhall.

Tango Synergy members will receive a discount, so if you are not already a member and you want to attend the milonga or the workshops, don’t hesitate to contact Tango Synergy!

Now, let’s see more details about their Sydney visit!

  1. Who are Rodrigo and Agustina? They were in Sydney before, what will they bring new in March for the Sydney Tango scene?

Rodrigo and Agustina have been traveling around the world as tango teachers for the past 10 years. They have grown up listening to tango. Tango was always in their family. They received their tango knowledge from their grandparents. As in the name of the event, they got the essence from their tango family culture and inserted it in the young tango scene with evolved dance techniques. They mixed both things, creating a very authentic way to dance.

  1. They will run a series of workshops. What will be the main focus?

In the last 20 years the tango dance has been investigated and has added many new techniques. In the search for new moves, the essence of social dancing has been distorted a bit, these days it is getting back  to the roots but with new techniques, being able to interpret music and more prepared bodies. So their focus will continue to evolve in social dancing! They will bring us the latest moves and combinations, with the most comfortable techniques for dancing.

  1. Will there be anything special happening at the Welcome milonga on 11th of March at Petersham Townhall?

The Welcome Milonga will bring the Sydney Tango community together. Essence and Evolution are well known for their extra touch in making the milonga more special. Wonderful supper and an amazing performance by Rodrigo & Agustina!

  1. What is the structure of the workshop and what are the prices. What discount is offered to Tango Synergy members for the workshops and Welcome Milonga?

The structure of the classes are in line with the Buenos Aires Tango community: Analyzing students dance/techniques, exercise/figures and combinations to support the fundamentals. Always under Rodrigo & Agustina´s pedagogy, where they spend time with every student.

The prices are on the flyers and on our website Tango Synergy discount is $5.00 off the entry to the welcoming milonga.

  1. Rodrigo and Agustina messages to the Sydney Tango community.

“This will be our 6th visit to Sydney and we are looking forward to teaching you all the latest moves and techniques. Year by year we have brought you all the knowledge that is successful in the world tango scene. Good sense of humour is never missed in our classes! Just ready to arrive.”

Photos:  R&A personal collection

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