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Art of Cadencia – Reloaded

Intro and interview by Mona

Art of Cadencia, a show you cannot miss. An intricate blend of Argentine Tango and Flamenco, a poem, a wonder of sounds and movements. Let’s find more from Anna!

Art of Cadencia – from one idea to reality.

Well, it all started because a good friend of mine runs the Sydney Scared Music Festival, and asked me to create a show for the 2015 festival. I have always wanted to combine two of my favourite music genres, I saw this as a perfect opportunity to do that. Having worked closely with Belen SIlva for 2 years, I engaged her work with me with the show.  She creating the concept around the show and did the choreography, helping me bring to life my dream of bringing the two artforms together.  I then found four perfect musicians for the show – Angela, Byron Greg and Keyna and our flamenco dancer Lauren. These musicians come from 3 different Flamenco Groups in Sydney, so I was particularly excited that they were keen to collaborate with each other and with us on the show. The show developed very quickly, and came together beautifully. I was so happy to see such a magical performance come to life in less than two months, thanks to the hard work of everyone.

Why Flamenco & Argentine Tango?

As mentioned above, these two styles are my favourite. Both as a dance genre and musical genre. I thought they would be perfect for this show, as they are both very raw, emotive and powerful.  I feel that when both are performed with a lot of cadencia and spirit, they really come alive and you can feel it all over your body. This  is the magical feeling I’m aiming for in the show.

What kind of public do you expect to this show?

Obviously we are expecting a few from the Tango and Flamenco communities. But this show is for anyone who loves passionate and soulful music/performance, those who love multi-art shows, and anyone who is curious about something new!

What the second edition brings in addition to the first?

It will bring a different kind of energy, and it will be much bigger. Everyone has now performed this show twice, so they are now bringing to the table more ideas, more confidence and more passion.  We have changed some parts, and trying new things, including two brand new songs that have only recently been written, plus we have a second singer… but I am leaving that as a surprise!

Tell me about the show and the artists.

The Art of Cadencia is a collaborative performance that represents the sacredness of human connection and emotions. To me, the word Cadencia means the way I interpret rhythms, personality and the ebbs and flow in music, particularly when I dance Tango. The show uses this idea to represent the different relationships we have in a life time, the stages of these relationships and the emotions we feel and share with others.

This is the incredible line up. Greg Alfonzetti (Guitar), Keyna Wilkins (Piano & Flute), Byron Mark (Piano & Cajon), Angela Rosero (Vocals), Lauren Majarres (Flamenco Dance), Belen Silva (Tango Dance), Federico G Mattiuzzi (Tango Dance), Hosanna Heinrich (Tango Dance), with Belen Tango Dance Company dancers (Tango Dance). The musicians and our Flamenco dancer Lauren, come from 3 different flamenco groups in Sydney – Peña Flamenca, Arrebato Ensemble and Alin and Melike.

The 3 main tango dancers are Belen Silva (also choreographer) Federico Mattiuzzi and Hosanna Heinrich. These three dancers also come from 3 different Tango schools in Sydney and are all leading teachers, performers and choreographers. Then we have Lisa Phillips and Herman  Vasquez. These two are beautiful advanced students who have been training and performing under Belen Silva for the last 12 months. As you can see, we have such a great mix of performers from all different backgrounds. Everyone has an opportunity to bring their own personality to the show, I think that’s what makes the show so special. In the first show, we added a third element that was Art. We had Sydney Artist Matteo Bernasconi fill the walls with pieces of work that related to the emotions felt in the show. As we are in a different venue for the second show we don’t have the art element, so that means our focus has shifted to a stronger and more magical live performance experience.

What’s in the near future?

Well, with Lauren off to Spain to become a famous Flamenco dancer, and Angela about to give birth to her second baby, the third edition may not happen for a long time!!  That’s why you need to see this now!

Where can I buy tickets?

Glad you asked, because they are selling well so I recommend you buy TODAY!


Photo credit:

Tango Photos by Gerrie Misfud
Flamenco dancer photo by Marion Vela